The new design for the initial level/loop

The game prototype I had finished was based around a previous documentation that I had turned into a legitimate playable version of the ideas I wrote about in my concept. This was based around the “Obey” prompt, simply put it was a 2d platformer based around forcing the player to complete levels while adhering to various increasing rules regarding what they can do, what they can’t, and other elements of the game. This game was made using Game Maker Studio 2, and was my first time developing using this engine. …

A drawing of the two by the man himself, Steve Purcell (Image from

Sam and Max Save the World Remastered is an adventure game released in 2020 by Skunkape Games, this game is a remaster and modern upgrade to the episodic game released from 2006–2007 by Telltale Games. The game is an adaptation of the comic book series Sam and Max by Steve Purcell, there had already been a prior adventure game adaptation of the series with LucasArts’ Sam and Max Hit the Road in 1993. The game’s creation stemmed from the cancelation of a previous adventure game, Sam and Max: Freelance Police, which was going to be a sequel to the prior…

Image from

No More Heroes was an action video game released for the Wii in 2007, with a switch port being released in 2020, by game company Grasshopper Manufacture and was directed by Suda51. Games directed by Suda51 tend to fall into the trend of being somewhat niece, weird games each with unique styles that set them apart of their contemporaries and this game is no exception. This game puts you into the role of Travis Touchdown, a lightsaber (referred to as a bean katana, but the reference is obvious) wielding otaku who becomes an assassin fighting other assassins in a ranked…

For this game prototype I self generated a prompt “Obey”, and I decided to try a digital game for this one. While I ran into some trouble and ended up only finishing a documentation of the game I still came up with ideas for how it would have turned out.

The level design for the protype (initial pre obstacle loop)

The idea for the game was going to be a side scrolling platformer with puzzle like elements, set in a “1984” style society with harsh rules the citizens are forced to follow. The gameplay would have been mostly traditional platforming though linear environments, although the levels would have multiple paths…

A screenshot from the beginning of the game (Image from

Due to it being almost Halloween, I was in the mood to play and review a Horror Game this time. Being a fan of the old survival horror fan I chose to play another game in one of my personal favorite horror series, Silent Hill, and I went with playing the third one.

Silent Hill 3 is a survival horror game released for the Ps2 in 2003, developed by Konami’s Team Silent, a division in Konami that both made all of the previous Silent Hill games up to that time. …

For the Game Design Challenge I selected the Prompt “Duke Book Mind Power”, and I used the ideas the prompt gave me to design a competitive three person card game as my game prototype. The game, currently untitled although I just refer to it by its prompt, is a card game that places players in the roles of three telepathic Dukes embroiled in a heavy rivalry as they face off in battles using their mental powers. The central idea for the game was how it was split into two separate halves, the first half is referred to as the Learning…

Picture of Beyond the Grave, the main character. Image from article from website ComicBook

Gungrave, is a third person shooter released and developed in 2002 by Red Entertainment for the PlayStation 2. The game is noteworthy for featuring the character designs of Yasuhiro Nightow, who was the creator of the western influenced manga series Trigun. The game plays out as a stylish yet simplistic third person shoot with a unique aesthetic and well done story.

The games box art, taken from its Wikipedia article.

Quadrilateral Cowboy is a first person puzzle adventure game released on July 25, 2016 by independent video game studio Blendo Games for the PC. Blendo Games is a studio that primarily consists of one man Brendon Chung and consists of a variety of separate types of games already under his belt. His only other previous first person games have been of the more cinematic less focused on gameplay or interactivity such as 2009’s Gravity Bone or 2012’s Thirty Flights of Loving. I have always found them unique in the way he can utilize non verbal or environmental based storytelling to…

How ‘Death Stranding’ inspired one dad to ensure the safety of his infant.

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, people have been trying to figure out ways to protect their family.

Shanghai resident, Cao Junjie, developed an invention to do just that — a protective baby pod inspired by his favorite video game, “Death Stranding.”

Junjie (right) wears his ‘Death Stranding’-inspired suit and baby pod while walking with his wife, Fang Lulu (Reuters).

The baby pod, which is worn around Junjie’s neck, is made with an air purifier connected to an air-tight pod, which provides his two-month-old infant with fresh air and displays the pod’s air quality. If Junjie wants to comfort or feed his baby, the pod has a glove attached to it.

One of the primary reasons for this…

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A TCNJ student majoring in IMM, interested in Game Design

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